An Overall View at “Aakash”

An Overall View at “Aakash”

Aakash Image

Overall Look at "Aakash"

Guys, have an overall look at the newly launched tablet “Aakash”.
Get the details over here.

Aakash, the worlds cheapest Tablet has been unveiled by Mr. Kapil Sibal, Union Telecoms and Education Minister on 05th October, 2011 after long waiting for year.

What Human Resource Development & Telecoms and Education Minister Kapil Sibal has to say:

Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Configuration , Features, Specifications , Price and availability

“The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and ordinary have been excluded. Aakash will end that digital divide.”

Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Configuration ,Features and Specifications

Processor: 366 MHz

Primary Memory (RAM): 256 MB

Secondary Memory (HDD): 32 GB expandable

Operating System : Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Warranty : One year

Screen & resolution: 7-inch resistive touch screen with 800×480 resolution

USB Ports: 2

Formats supported :D OC, DOCX, PDF and PPTX etc

Headphones jack: 3.5 mm

Battery & backup: 2100mAh battery upto 3 hours

Weight : 350 grams

Modem & Internet: Inbuilt cellular modem and SIM to access internet.

Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Price and availability

Worlds cheapest Tablet Aakash Price in India will be Rs.2,999.00. It is expected to available in the market from November, 2011 onwards. The government will buy the units of the device for Rs 2250 each from a British company which is assembling the devices in India. Then after taxes (no subsidy) Price comes to Rs.2,999.00. It is expected that Price may come down around Rs.450.00 (10$) when bulk production starts. But it may take time.

Initially, one lakh pieces are planned to distribute to students at free of cost. So try to avail this opportunity if you are a student.



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7 Responses to “An Overall View at “Aakash””

  1. nag Says:

    i am happy to be a student now

  2. Saurab Says:

    want to buy this how can i do sooooo

  3. BSNL Penta Tablet PC « Reviews By Akash Says:

    […] the launch of the worlds cheapest tablet PC Akash one of the biggest network provider from India came up with this new budget tablet for students. […]

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