Aakash Launched in India

Aakash Launched in India

Aakash Launched in India Image

Aakash Launched in India

Today, Kapil Sibbal the Human Resource Development Minister of the Indian Government, launched a tablet named “Aakash” or nick named “Sakshat”.
Read more about the tablet Tablet Aakash Launched. The next version of this tablet to be launched in India in December this year. Get details about the Datawind Setup in India.

Tablet Aakash Launched

A look at "Aakash"

DataWind has launched an Android Froyo based tablet – Aakash – will be priced at Rs 2,250 under a government scheme that will distribute 100,000 units in a field trial. The price will come down to Rs 1,750 once the government places an order of 10 million units under a scheme to to deliver this tablet to post-secondary students across the country. The Aakash features a 7.0-inch resistive display, 366MHz processor, 256MB RAM, two USB ports, Wi-Fi and 3 hours of battery life. For the mass production of this tablet, DataWind has set up a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, which can manufacture 700 units daily. For the general audience, DataWind will launch the UbiSlate for Rs 2,999 by November. DataWind is currently talking to carriers to bundle a Rs 99 data plan for 2GB of monthly access for 12 months. Our hands-on and first impressions of the Aakash will be up soon.


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