The Competitor Has Arrived

The Competitor Has Arrived

The Competitor Has Arrived Image

Who Will Survive?

After a long time of the launch of “Google+” (in its limited field track), the competitor of Facebook has been made ready to be used for all.Yes!!! Google+, the competitor presented or introduced by Google has been launched for all in this month.

When Google+ was in its limited field track, it got a lot of users for it within a time interval of two weeks. It got the number of users of more than 50 millions in those two weeks.

Social Evolution Image

Social Evolution

The Social Evolution shown above is the value of the social networking sites at present and in future. If individuals come up with another new idea of a new and effective social networking site, the presently available sites are going to reach the heights of number of users.

The main message in this article was to provide all our readers with the information about the launch of the new social networking site “Google+”.

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