Important Tips For Avoiding E-mail Scams

Important Tips For Avoiding E-mail Scams

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Tips To Be Safe!

There are many points which one shall keep in mind when ii comes to dealing with Email Scams. There are several points mentioned in this article by me.In today’s world, there have been many instances in which people loose their savings due to several scams emails.

While dealing with a scam, one should keep in point the tips provided in this article. This may not only help him  save his savings, but would also be used for making friends aware of.

Due to the widespread use of web bugsin email, simply opening an email can potentially alert the sender that the address to which the email is sent is a valid address.

This can also happen when the mail is ‘reported’ as spam, in some cases: if the email is forwarded for inspection, and opened, the sender will be notified in the same way as if the addressee opened it.

E-mail fraud may be avoided by:

  • Keeping one’s e-mail address as secret as possible.
  • Using a spam filter.
  • Noticing the several spelling errors in the body of the “official looking” email.
  • Ignoring unsolicited e-mails of all types, simply deleting them.
  • Not giving in to greed, since greed is often the element that allows one to be “hooked”.

Many frauds go unreported to authorities, due to shame, guilty feelings or embarrassment.

My advice to such victims is, not to waste time folding hands, but to go  out and report about them to the respective authorities. Also, you can make your friends aware about these scams,  thus saving your friends’ savings.


3 Responses to “Important Tips For Avoiding E-mail Scams”

  1. Email Frauds « Reviews By Akash Says:

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  2. Ogrodzieniec Castle Says:

    hello anyone, I was just checkin out this blog and I really admire the basis of the article, and have nothing to do, so if anyone would like to to have an interesting conversation about it, please contact me on AIM, my name is rick smith

    • akashjha Says:

      My friend Rick, I thank you for your comment. But i am not interested in any other source of communication with my clients on any of the social networking media. Hope you understand. But still if you need any help, you can just ask me about the topic by posting a comment. I shall try to help you out with your problems.
      Thank You.

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