Email Frauds

Email Frauds

Email Frauds Image

Email Frauds

Almost as soon as e-mail became widely used, it began to be used to fraud people via e-mail fraud. E-mail fraud can take the form of a”con game” or scam.

Confidence tricks tend to exploit the inherent greed and dishonesty of their victims: the prospect of a ‘bargain’ or ‘something for nothing’ can be very tempting. E-mail fraud, as with other ‘bunco schemes’ relies on naive individuals who put their confidence in get-rich-quick schemes such as ‘too good to be true’ investments or offers to sell popular items at ‘impossibly low’ prices. Many people have lost their life savings due to fraud.

To read moreĀ  about how to avoid email scams refer to our article

Important Tips For Avoiding E-mail Scams.

This article has mentioned tips or points to be kept in mind while dealing with email frauds.


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