E-mail Scams Part 3

E-mail Scams Part 3

E-mail Scams 1 Image

I can't be scammed. I am aware.

Hello Friends, as mentioned in my earlier articles E-mail Scams Part 1 & E-mail Scams Part 2, i would keep my promise. Whereby, after a bit of more research, i have got a bit more information about the scammers. I would like to provide you all with these information’s.

I mentioned some points to be kept in mind when we come across some situations in my last articles. I would also like to get my readers informed that there are many ways scammers can get on with a scam for you.

There are various questions which can answer your queries.

The first question is;

From where they get your e-mail address?

Maximum of the people who are affected by such e-mails or scams have this question in common.

Remember, when you visit any particular webpage which you provide your information’s such as about your e-mail just to surf the site. The scammers get to know about your e-mail from all these websites.

Why do they do it with you?

Of-course, you know the reason. Everyone here wants to earn money to have a higher standard of living. Some use the proper ones, while others just become scammers or hackers to get money easily.

How to spot a scam e-mail?

It is very easy to spot a scam e-mail. Such e-mail scammers need information’s about you such as your name, age, sex, address, etc. For further communication they require your details, which you should not provide to them with.

Why do they demand your Info?

They demand about your info’s as they want to know which place you live in, so that they can get in contact with their agents or partners in those areas.

When do they demand money?

They will demand money from you when they think you are a lot excited for the reward money. They than get a cause like to transfer the money from US $ to your local currency. For this they ask you for a price money of about $1000 to $1200. Some people who submit this amount are further asked to pay once, for what reason i am unaware. But the amount is nearly same, and from the next day, they don’t know you and you don’t know them as any of the conversations has not been made face to face.

What to do when we get such e-mails?

When one gets such e-mails, he should try not to get any sort of communication with them. Or get an FIR report by making a police complaint against them.

How shall the police help?

The police is the only person who can help you in such cases. As the e-mail scammers are not staying in foreign countries but in the same city as you are. The police also wants to take action on these scammers, but they hardly get any of the complaints as the scammers have asked you not to discuss about this e-mail with anyone.

One important note for my readers, there is no one who will provide you with money for free.


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