E-mail Scams Part 1

Email Scams Part 1

Free Money Image

Free Money!!!!!

Hello friends, last evening when I was thinking about what new I could update for my readers, I was a lot confused about which topic I should select to get my viewers focus on whats happening around on the internet.
I inquired my friends about the new topic, but got no good topic. When i was about to sleep, i got the best article which would help a lot to my blog readers.
It is about the e-mail scams these days, which affects many of the internet users all over.

In this article, i have mentioned about the very common way in which all the scammers try to catch you up.

In this method, they pretend to be a representative of a well known company or organization with a message for you saying “You Won” along with the prize money mentioned. The image displayed is best for reference. They also ask you not to mention about this to anyone.

You Won Image

You Won

Next in the step they provide you with fake documents and forms. According to the form you sign, you provide them with your bank account details, your identity, etc. And the document they provide you is of a fake Money Transfer agent. Later, they ask you to pay them some money either $ 950 or $ 1200. This they ask you for as the amount required as transfer charges.

It is always important to report such scams. Also very important not to get any sort of contact with them or reply them.

The scammers have also made  new method to fool people as this method has become old and many people came to know about this. But, i would mention about that method in my next article.

If you liked the article, feel free to post your views/comments below.


3 Responses to “E-mail Scams Part 1”

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