E-mail Scams Part 2

E-mail Scams Part 2

Email Scams Part 2 Image

Email Scams

Hello Friends, as mentioned in my last article E-mail Scams Part 1, I had promised to provide you with another method of the scammers, which they use for frauds for many of the internet users.

Here, for this article i went deep in one of the scams, to provide you with the correct information.
In this method, you receive a mail from an unknown female which is as follows:

Scam Image

Beware "Scam"

Later after my reply, i got a mail, which was the same as expected by me. The second email after my reply was as shown below.

Scam Image

Beware "Scam"

The next process in this type of email fraud or scams is the same as in the first mentioned method in the article E-mail Scams Part 1.

The next mail message sent to me by this fake account was as shown below. As the message is quite lengthy, it is very hard to show the whole of the message. But i shall provide you with the main part of this mail message sent to me.

Scam Image

Beware "Scam"

You can enlarge the image to read the main body of this message. It is also requested by me not to provide any of your personal data such as about your identity, your bank accounts,etc. to these scammers.

Also it is a request by me to all my readers not to reply to these messages and try not to communicate with them. This communication made by me was to get my readers aware about these scams.

I promise to provide my readers more about email scams in my next article. But would take a time for a bit more information.

If you liked the article, feel free to post your views/comments below.


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