Develop Your Freelance Profile – Tips To Guide You

Develop Your Freelance Profile – Tips To Guide You

Develop Your Freelance Profile - Tips To Guide You Image

Develop Your Freelance Profile

If you are looking forward to making a source of living from freelancing, having a good online profile is very crucial for you. Your online profile is just like a mediator or an agent which conveys your level of experience and your skills to the future outsourcer. It also shows that you are focused and disciplined enough. Even more, it shows that you can be trusted as a freelancer.

You will gain many new clients and will be easily able to retain your old ones by maintaining a good CV. It is like a kid. You should nurture it properly.

So, what do you need to do in order to make your profile attractive to clients?

1) Start bidding at projects.:

As a freelancer, your first task would be to start looking for your projects. You can find projects to work on from any of the different websites there for freelancers. Go and join the freelancing websites. Make a profile and start bidding on the projects which require the skills that you have. Try to find ways to defeat your competition. Do not give up if you fail to find a project in the first few times. Remember, failures are the stepping-stones to success.

2) Make your first projects your best projects.:

You should give all you can to your first project. Your first project is like an opening batsman. If you start well, there are possibilities to stand longer. It opens your account i.e your CV. Hence, it should be as good as you can make it. Most of the freelancers of the world would start their career as writers. They write either articles, blogs, or some reviews, etc. For example you can refer to me. Try to make sure that your first employer becomes a regular client for you. Interact with him properly. You never know if he can provide you with a long-term contract soon.

3) Bidding on Projects.:

When you are bidding on some projects, it is important to make sure that you plan your message and your bidding price very carefully, reasonably and accurately. Do not start praising yourself in the message. When you are a beginner, it is very important for you to make sure that you do not write anything that you may not be able to fulfill to the client with. You have to get the employer to trust you.

Do not start stories about your skills and talent. What you should do instead is trying to assure your client that you have read and understood the project very carefully and you have the skills and the talent to complete the project. At this point, make sure that you are not overpricing yourself. Make a reasonable bid.

4) Do not take projects from buyers who do not give you a rating.:

The world of freelancing is a cruel world. Everyone is looking to exploit people and you will find quite a few clients who do not care about you and just want their work done. They are the ones who will not give you ratings. They are looking to get you to work from outside the freelance website so that they can avoid giving you the ratings and of course, the money too.

As per me, these simple tips can make you start as a better freelance. With these, you can go on and start the process to build your online Freelance profile.


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