Article Writing : 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Distracted

Article Writing : 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Distracted

Article Writing : 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Distracted Image

Multitasking Creates Distractions

Usually, while I am busy writing the articles, I get distracted due to different factors. This made me think on how can I avoid being distracted. Here are some tips that I will be following now and you should too, so that you are not distracted while you are writing your next article or programming something from your home or doing something very important.

1) Switch off that damn phone:

Your mobile phone is one of the biggest distractions in your home which stops you from completing any job peacefully. Do not respond to each and every phone call that you are getting. Most of them are useless and have nothing productive to add or having any value. They distract you from your work.

At least, while you are doing some important job, your phone should be switched off. This will make sure that your thought process is not broken. And you will remain focused towards your work.

2) Make some rules for your family and friends:

Make a schedule for your work. Give this schedule to your family members and make sure they understand this. Let all people close to you know your timings. Make sure they know that when you are working on some project, they should not interrupt you.

Be strict with your schedule and your rules.

3) Complete those nagging tasks:

You are writing a very important article and there is only one hour left for the deadline. You are facing the writers block and suddenly, you get a new idea. Just when you were about to write on that, you see the pet growling. Shit! You forgot to feed the pet. You go and feed him, come back and hell, you forgot what you were busy thinking on.

Do not let this happen. Do all the nagging jobs before you start working on any important task.

4) Turn off your doorbell ringer:

If you are one of those people who have frequent visitors to your home, make sure that you turn off your doorbell before you start working. When someone rings your door bell you will surely get distracted for a few moments.

5) Close your E-mail:

When you have your email account open, you constantly get the urge to check your e-mails. Ideally you should not check your email more than once a day. Keep it closed for the rest of the day.

6) Close Facebook & Much Better Your Internet Connections:

While I am working, I prefer to close the Facebook tab. I would advise you to do the same if you get constant messages or notifications on Facebook. Or have many friends commenting on any post or if the instantly keep messaging you.

7) Keep Water Close to Your Desk:

Instead of going to the kitchen every time you feel thirsty, keep a bottle of water or some drink close to your desk. Also, keep some food nearby so that if you feel hungry, you will not have to go to the kitchen again and again.

8). Close Your Window Curtains:

If you get easily distracted due to constantly looking out of the window, close the curtains. That is the best thing to be suggested in these type of cases.

9) Close any Other Program(s):

Close all the other programs except the ones you are using or those which might be useful to you. They can also act as distractors for your work.

10) Finally, Try to Ignore Them:

Even after taking all these steps, if you still get some distractions, then you need to try to ignore them. This can be done by practicing self-discipline and with a great height of patience.

With these steps, I am sure you will be a better writer or would do much better in your works.


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