Web Design : Rules to be Followed While Designing Your Site

Web Design : Rules to be Followed While Designing Your Site

Web Design : Rules to be Followed While Designing Your Site Image

Web Designing Rules

Having a website is a very important step towards building an online business. Hence, you need to make sure that your website is designed properly, so that it can get more traffic or visitors.

Here are 6 tips to help you in designing your web site.

1) Try not to use Splash Pages:

Have you visited any website where you see some initial pages before you actually enter the website? Those initial pages have some good images with “Enter Site” link. These pages are known as Splash pages.

Do not use such pages. Try to make sure that when a visitor comes to your website, he has access to the main page in less than 5 seconds. So, wasting those crucial moments on a splash page does not make sense.

The first page that your visitors visit, should ideally be a page which might have a good content. Make sure that this content is what the user was searching for or he would leave your website much sooner than you think (Yes, a targeted content).

2) The KISS principle:

Confused, KISS refers to Keep It Simple, Silly.

When you are designing a website, try to keep it as simple as possible. Your menus, your design, your website navigation, the color scheme, etc. should all be as simple as possible. Do not use Flash for anything, including but not limited to, having Flash Menus. If some visitor who does not have flash installed comes to your website, he may be unable to navigate or if you have a Flash website, he may not be able to see your website. Make sure that your website is so simple that it can be opened on any computer possible. Do not risk losing a visitor as you may be losing a valuable customer.

3) Make your navigation simple:

Make sure website navigation so simple that a visitor can always keep track of where he exactly is. In no circumstance should he get lost on your website. There should be a proper navigation. You should at least have the link to your home page on every link.

4) Try not to use too many sound clips:

Too much of anything is bad, especially if it is some annoying sound clip that automatically plays when someone enters your website. Make sure that you do not have too many audio clips on your website. Also, the visitor should have the option to play or stop the clip. It should not go on automatically until the frustrated visitor closes the window or moves to another website.

5) Again, do not have too many banners:

Having some banner ads on your website is good. But again, if you overdo it, your visitors will simply ignore them. Having a few banners would not do much harm, but if you have too many of them, visitors will feel as if you are forcing them to make a purchase.

6) Do not use Pop-Up ads:

The last thing what a visitor wants from a website is to see new windows opening from nowhere and serving him some ads where he wanted none. People hate this and nine times out of 10, the visitor would close your website along with the pop up windows. So its better and advisable not to keep any pop-up add.


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