4 Tips to Increase Your SEO Website Traffic

4 Tips to Increase Your SEO Website Traffic

4 Tips to Increase Your SEO Website Traffic Image

4 Tips to Increase Your SEO Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a simple process to bring your website higher in the search results of the search engines, especially Google. It is essential that you carry out Search Engine Optimization of your website so that you rank up higher in the search results.
Remember, that the second ranked websites gets lesser visits than the one on the top. Here are a few simple tips that will help you to improve your search engine rankings.

1) Original, Updated and Optimized Contents:

Google readers as well as Google’s bots love websites that have Original Content, which is regularly updated and well optimized by its admins. The keyword here is Original Content. Google punishes websites that have copy paste contents from other websites. On the other hand, it loves websites that have original contents. Also make sure that you constantly add new content to your website. Give something new to the Google bots continuously and they will come back for more.

Having a lot of content on your website will also make sure that your website comes up in search results for many more keywords than the ones you are targeting. Optimizing your website would mean that you should use your keyword throughout the content but make sure that it does is not used too often. The ideal balance of the keyword in the content would be somewhere around 4% to 7%. Do not make whole content based on only 1 keyword. Have a few keywords in each content that you make. Start and end your content with the most important keyword for which you want to be ranked high.

2) Optimize your web page

Most of the search engine bots or crawlers do not read anything other than the HTML. This includes the Google bots too. Hence, it becomes very important that you optimize your website so that the search engine crawlers do not have much problem in finding the right areas and the different contents of the website. No image should be there which does not have an Alt text. What you can do is you can give your images the name close to  or based on your keywords.

For example, if your keyword is Hotel, your image Alt names should be Hotel image 1, Hotel Image 2, etc.

3) Article Submission Directories

Write articles about your website and about your niche market and send them to as many Article Submission directories as possible. This will help you in getting a lot of incoming links. Make sure that these articles have your website link with the Anchor text, i.e your keywords should have the link to your website.

4) Create a network of links of your own contents

 Link your articles to each other. Try to create as many inlinks as possible without spamming. In this way all your articles will keep redirecting the bots to the other articles and all your articles will be indexed by google and they would also get one point for the links.

Make these changes to your website and increase your chances of getting to the top of the results page of the SEO’s.


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