Top 10 Tips To Be Safe Over The Internet Part – 2

Top 10 Tips To Be Safe Over The Internet

Part – 2

Be Safe Over The Internet Image

Be Safe Over The Internet

Beware Of the Unknown

The lack of experience may play a bad move while we surf the internet. It’s highly probable that in some instance you may be asked by an unknown advertiser to download a program that can help you with your web connection or even worse, it shall say that it can solve your cyber safety problems.

Real companies don’t need  or make that kind of obnoxious advertisement. So don’t trust sudden advertisement from pop ups or spam, especially if you are having a child. Internet safety for kids is not something to be ignored considering the amount of adult content available in the net.

And My Email

Spamming has become a major internet security issue. Many inexperienced, especially teenage users, open with naivety every email, wasting their time and endangering their PC. In the case of web based electronic mail, the most popular providers are Microsoft’s Hotmail, America Online, Google Gmail and Yahoo mail. If you are using any of them and are suffering tons of spam, then you should evaluate changing your provider.

In the case of POP email you can use several programs. The most popular ones are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, etc. Each one offers a series of advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to test them and remain with the one you feel more comfortable.

Now Let’s Observe Instant Messaging

Instant messaging has not been left behind by crackers. Users have been lured to several types of scams executed by criminals who want to make use of your private information: a bank account, an username, a password or even your credit card number.

Do not use this service for sending sensible data, not even with your friends. You never know who is on the other side.

Check Your Software

Hackers don’t need to make use of security breaches on the operating system to enter your computer. They can use the faults of any software that is being executed in your PC. For this reason you need to program a periodic revision of all the software in your computer and see if there is any pending update.

Beware Of Phising

The last but not the least, here are the internet safety tips.

Sensitive data is a priced treasure for hackers. They will always search for new ways of stealing or capturing it. Phising is one of them. The process is quite simple. A hacker poses as a representative of one of the many service providers that you use and asks you for personal information, like your credit card number, username or password.

The only way to elude them is ignoring suspicious emails or instant messaging warnings from strangers. If you have teenagers at home they should be informed about these scams. At that age it’s quite probable that they have a pay pal account or a credit card. Teenagers internet safety is very important nowadays. We must also have a look at it.

As you may have noted, internet security software is a must if you want to use the internet without finding yourself into trouble. And with all of this internet safety tips you should be able to use the net without further worries.

One final advice, to be safe from hackers you shall maintain yourself updated on the ever-changing world of computers.


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