Top 10 Tips To Be Safe Over The Internet Part – 1

Top 10 Tips To Be Safe Over the Internet

Part – 1

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Be Safe Over The Internet

Foretold by numerous science fiction books, the internet has become the net of nets. Cyber Safety is an issue which came along with it. Since it became the main stream, the media constantly reminds us of the different dangers that lurk in the internet.

Although there are some laws that restrict or prohibit certain uses (for instance child pornography), the internet can be considered the frontier in the Wild West. That’s why some internet safety tips can help you navigate relatively safe through out all of this. And, if you have a child, it must be something to be discussed about.

In today’s world, internet safety for teens is a must.

Maintain Your Operating System

It’s highly probable that you are using Microsoft Windows XP, either in its Home or Professional edition. Although Microsoft has done a great job with this piece of software, it isn’t perfect, and it is the main victim by a lot of the hackers and crackers in the world. For this reason, Microsoft has to spend a lot of resources making sure that its product is safe when connected to the Internet.

To do this, Windows XP requires constant updates. But to the worst of the luck not many users consider this important since they are not used to it. Assure yourself that your operating system is up to date and click at the Windows Update icon every week. By that way you should avoid a high percentage of problems that are caused by not upgrading.

Install a Firewall

This becomes necessary because Microsoft created an upgrade for its operating system, trying to control the many security breaches that its operating system suffered. Unfortunately, it doesn’t excel in its job.

If you want a better computer internet security, consider acquiring a firewall from a specialized provider. If you are not sure which one you should acquire, check the reviews at sites like CNet, PC Magazine or TUCOWS. You will find a broad range of options, and most of them can be tested for 15 or even for 30 days.

Don’t Forget about the Antivirus

Computer viruses have been around for almost two decades and because of it, PC users are used to them, knowing that every computer should have an antivirus and that it requires to be updated regularly. This means a big business for the software industry, and a good thing to consumers too since there is a lot of competition. As in the case of firewalls you will have to do some homework, checking the reviews at specialized sites, the prices and test the trial versions.

Eliminate That Nasty Spyware

One of the first manifestations that you have been infected by spyware is the sudden appearance of pop ups, offering wonderful solutions to your PC problems or revolutionary work at home schemes. Spyware is a nasty thing, and the principal and most recommended way to eliminate it is with anti spyware software. Although it is not necessary to have it running in real time as an antivirus does, it should be updated and executed everyday.

What about the Web Browser?

It is known through out the geeky underworld of technology that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer too is vulnerable to attacks from outside. For this reason, it is recommended to use Mozilla’s Firefox. Not sure about it? Install it and use it. It won’t take long and you will find that, visually, it’s quite similar to Internet Explorer. And the best thing is that the security options are quite friendly and don’t require extensive knowledge.

Of course, they will come with the most secure settings available, but if you want to change them, you only need to access the control panel and adjust them to your needs.

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