Are “Free Websites” Really Free?

Are “Free Websites” Really Free?

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Free Websites

This question may be of no worth but it is a great question. The answer is yes. However, what exactly are you going to get for free? If a free website doesn’t function well enough to allow you to post your important content or accept emails and hyperlinks, it isn’t of worth very much.

However, there are some companies out there which offer great services for free with the hopes you will later upgrade to your own domain name and a professional account plan. This is where they will one day make a small profit. This is why their free service must be generous but still allow for the temptation to upgrade to a “Paid” account.

Still they might not allow you to get your own adds. Still they shall allow you to support adds to your website on a great or an equal ratio of profit obtained.

I’ve personally built several pages for the purpose of verifying the capabilities of some of these so called “free websites”. I’ve been quite disappointed on many occasions but there have been a couple of companies that truly give you what they offer. Well one of them are currently being used by me. Its WordPress. So I guess the real question here would be… Are you looking to have your own Web Site but don’t know where to begin?

Many people would love to have their own site but become intimidated when they try to build one using the free services available. It does take time and a little finesse, however, with a little guidance, it becomes quite easy and possible for almost anyone to develop their own site.

Using many of the free web site offers found in a quick search engine query, you can easily create your own Web Site and have the basic site “Up and Running” in less than an hour. Of course, fully developing your new website will be a much longer process. However, building and enhancing your own website is a very rewarding experience. It can also be a lot of fun.

The level of features offered by many of the free hosting companies are quite extensive. I work with one particular company that allows video uploads, email links, HTML links and music capabilities via mp3 files. All these features are completely free. Some of these free websites allow links for referrals to some of your favorite sites.


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