Possible Solutions for Laptop Computer and PC Overheating

Possible Solutions for Laptop Computer and PC Overheating

Laptop Computer and PC Overheating Image

Laptop Computer and PC Overheating

There are many incidents where people complain about getting their Laptop Computer and PC overheating.

I studied the matter and found out the best things to do to avoid their Laptop Computer and PC overheating problems.

Tips and Tricks you must care about are:

(1.) Unblock any visible air flow blockage :

Check if there is any obstacle to laptop/PC air flow, make sure there’s nothing sitting right against any side of the computer (where laptop or PC air flows), and for PC especially you shall care about the fan fitted in the SMPS (responsible for power supply for the system), at the rear side of the CPU. Most of the hot air flows out of the back end in case of a computer. Your CPU shall be placed at a place where the CPU gets no walls around it. Weather your computer is under the desk, inside a desk, using on your lap or bed, idea is keep clear computer vents so cool air can flow.

This is very important to prevent your laptop computer or your PC from overheating.

(2.) Clean all fans and heat sink on CPU :

  • For PC:

Shut your computer off, take it outside (to prevent dirt all over the room), open up the case, and use canned air to remove the dirt from each fan and heat sink or you can use a mini vacuum cleaner to remove dirt all over the fans.

  • For Laptop:

Use Vacuum cleaner to suck dirt from laptop vents at back, side and underneath of the laptop. Some laptops are pretty straightforward just taking off cover underneath the laptop might help. But in most of the systems you have to take all laptop into bits to access CPU fan. Opening laptop to access CPU fan is bit risky in case you can’t put it back. If you are not fully confident then please seek expert help.

These shall help you only if you are having a bit knowledge about how to affix the parts and to again fix the parts.

(3.) Find out any cooling fan in laptop/PC not working and replace.

  •  For PC:

Put hand back of the PC near power cable plugged in and feel air blowing out and same for casing fan. If these fans you find not working properly then shut your computer off, open up the case (get torch handy in-case not enough light) and press the power button. Now look into case see fan on CPU working. If any of fans found not working then that will be possible cause and solution will be to replace.

  • For Laptop:

Fan in laptop is not supposed to run all the time, it only kicked in or turn off when CPU temperature reaches some specific limits. While your system is running check if you can feel air blowing from heat sink vent, if not then wait for the time when laptop get hot. Fan should have had been kicked in before it shuts itself off, If not then it is clear that, there is something wrong with your fan and seek expert help to look further and provide you best solution.


Note: If power supply fan fails then best will be to replace whole power supply. Never try to open power supply yourself unless you now all about electronics and capacitors. This action with no or little knowledge can harm you.

(4.) Laptop or PC Cooler :

If all above not in your case and you are working in hot environment (extra ordinary room heating) then best will to buy Laptop or PC cooling system. Most cooling systems are powered by USB’s, that means that they are just like your pen drives which are powered by USB’s.


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