Why are people Crazy for Facebook?

Why are people Crazy for Facebook?

Why are people Crazy for Facebook?

Why are people Crazy for Facebook?

All of us have a lot of reasons to waste our precious time on the internet. When Facebook was invented, we got the perfect place to spend our time online.
According to our sources, Facebook has been voted the Worst 10 Inventions of the last decade. As it is made in such a manner that people get attracted to Facebook. People are willing to check their Facebook updates as they get up early in the morning and also before they go to bed.

Why are people Crazy for Facebook?

Facebook, has almost 750 million users, that us 10% of the world’s total population and it is still counting.

The worlds biggest Social Networking Website Facebook shows no sign of slowing down. You are hooked. So is your boss, your wife, your 93 year old grandpa and also your dog.

Uptill date, Facebook is the best Social Networking Website for sharing pictures, photos, videos, links……. anything you would feel like to share with all.

Much like Microsoft Windows, Facebook isn’t really the easiest thing in the world to use – we are just used to it. We find that the general interface could do with some de-cluttering and simplification.

We are also fond of the Facebook mobile apps.

It does a great job at squeezing the full- blown site down to a tiny screen. It does have a few rough edges though and we think it could use a little spit and polish.

Facebook provides high creepiness quotient to its users. Facebook doesn’t actually make it easy for you to delete your account. If you have ever decided you’ve had it with Mark and his cronies. Sure, you can deactivate it, but Facebook still stores you pictures, posts and profile information’s in a safe place.


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