The New Social Network

The New Social Network

Google+ Image


There is one more reason to waste time on the internet. Thanks to Google. For its brand new social networking website “Google+”.

Well it is still in its testing phase, as Google says.

Let’s get an eye on “Google+”
With 750 million users, the social networking site “Facebook” is the world’s biggest social networking website, which is giving no sign to slow down. Its after Google on the second place in the World Wide Web Rankings.

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Google required something to stop or to slow down Facebook’s rapid growth. So Google got a social networking website which can be better than Facebook and it is quite a lot similar to Facebook i.e., its easy for one to operate “Google+”.

It provides a lot of features. Features like ‘Circles’ (to sort contacts into friends, 3am buddies of our, losers and so on), ‘Hangout’ (multiple-user webcam chat) and ‘Sparks’ (to quickly find stuff you care about).

Due to the ease of use of “Google+”, Facebook fanatics or users might fell right at home. Posting, uploading pictures and sorting people into ‘Circles’ is a snap.

Google isn’t known for gorgeous user-interfaces but “Google+” looks clean and classy.

It also has great apps for android phones (ios version coming soon). Everything possible on the site is possible on your phone. Plus, mobile users also get ab exclusive ‘Huddle’ feature for quick group chats.

Its also high in Creepiness Quotient. Not only will your “Google+” notifications show up at the top of every Google service you use (including gmail), it will automatically grab every picture you click from your phone and put it up in a special folder.

According to us, “Google+” is a great Social Networking Website to be used.


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