Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

Avoid Getting Hacked Image

Avoid Getting Hacked

 Last night i was chatting to a friend of mine on Facebook.

I referred him my blog and asked him to visit it once. He visited my blog and gave me a reply. He said that the blog is great, but I can hack your account without even having a look at your blog.

I smiled and asked him to try it. He gave it a try and nearly after 20 min he said me that its great that you have written these articles, can you share with us the tricks to avoid our accounts getting hacked.

I surely with a smile on my face, gave him a reply ‘Yes’.

Well so I am going to share with you the tricks to avoid your account getting hacked.

To avoid your account getting hacked you must keep in mind the points mentioned.

  1. First of all, it is required to have a account with a password no one could imagine of and surely the one which you shall remember.
  2. Even after getting such a password, your account is not safe. To get your account safe it is essential to keep changing your password every alternate week or every month.
  3. Even after these to protect your account you shall share each and every information asked by the service provider to you. It can help.
  4. The point is that when you share each and every information with the service provider it then is completely impossible for an hacker to hack your account. If he does not know about the details you have shared with the service provider.

So it is quite important to share each and every detail asked by the service provider as it can help you to avoid getting your account hacked. Also do not share these details with anybody as after knowing the detail he might try to hack your account, if he (your friend) is mischievous.


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