How to Stop Your Facebook Addiction & get a Life

How to Stop Your Facebook Addiction & get a Life

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Stop Facebook Addiction

We earlier talked about how people have got addicted to Facebook.  Most of the people today are so much addicted to Facebook that they just do not seem to be getting enough of Facebook. Facebook should ideally be an idle time filler, not something that eats off your time from your studies or makes you unaware that you have lots of other important works to be completed. I know that it is quite tempting to find out what your friends are doing and to have a little chat with them. But, if you are waiting for them to update their status and waste your whole day looking at the Facebook page, it is time you get out of this addiction.

So, the question arises as to how you can get out of this Facebook Addiction? Here are some basic steps that will help you to get away from Facebook and back into your real life for your close friends and family members.

1) Hide some of your Addicted Friends

There may be some of your friends who are fully addicted to Facebook and you find yourself complaining about their constant useless updates. You should ideally hide the news feeds of these friends so that you do not get these useless updates when you log in, but you can still check up their update whenever you wish to. Friends who post dozens of updates crowd your news feed and due to these useless comments, you may really miss out some important update or it might be an important message from someone you care about. The important message would get buried under the useless clutter.

2) Remove the people you don’t know

I know that it is quite tempting to see more than 200 friends in your friend list. But, think again, do you really know these people? Chances are there that you will not identify these people in the real world even when they pass by your side, even if you know the finest details of their life. You will also have some friends you do not chat with, or some friends who constantly post useless updates. Unfriend these friends of yours. They should be got rid of as sooner as possible. In case you went on a friend adding spree and were accepting friend requests from anyone, chances are that you have got a good list of people to remove from your list. Do it. An ideal situation would be that the friends on your Facebook friends list would be those friends whom you know in your real life.

3) Delete the Facebook Games

Yes, yes, I know you enjoy playing FarmVille a lot and that it helps you keep connected with your friends, but remove these games. Games such as FarmVille are designed in such a manner that they get you to keep coming back to continue playing the game. In case you cannot stop yourself from playing such games, make sure that you do not play more than 1 such game. This is because if you are playing more than one such game, you will easily find excuses to be logged into your Facebook account.

Choose one game and try to play it in moderation. Yes, I know that you will not be able to grow some more crops, but I would not like put my life growing some crops that I cannot eat.

4) Enjoy your Life and Live it to the fullest

There are many people who waste the whole day of theirs’ sitting in front of their computer screens trying to get updates of the life of other people and friends. But, what about your own?

Give your friends some chance to look at your updates. What you have to do is to try to live your own life. Shut down the computer, get up from that chair, go out of your home / office and do something really fun so that you have some updates to share with your friends. Come back from there and update your friends about that. Make other people a fan of your life and give them a chance to keep waiting for your updates instead of you waiting for theirs. There are a hell lot of activities that you can do. Go, write a book, go to a comedy show, go bungee jumping, etc. Whatever you like, just go for it.

Follow these simple tips and you will get your life back from Facebook.


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