Fake Accounts in Facebook – Keep Yourself Safe

Fake Accounts in Facebook – Keep Yourself Safe

Fake Facebook Accounts Image

Fake Facebook Account

Social Networking Websites are on a boom. Facebook, with over 500 million users all around the globe, is the leading Social Networking Website in the whole world and it has brought about a new revolution in the World, the Communication Revolution.

With around 72% people in the USA using Facebook, it really comes out as a very important place for communication. But, as the number of Facebook users is increasing, so is the number of fake accounts in Facebook increasing. The fake user base of Facebook has been expected to be around 24% of the total Facebook Profiles. See the maths yourself. If you get around 100 friends in your profile, chances are high that 24 people out of those 100 are fake users with fake profiles on Facebook.

As is the case with the real world, the virtual internet world is also becoming full of cheats and frauds. People are using all kinds of tricks to fool others. These tricks range from the complex phishing and hacking to the simple Fake profiles. Today, only 70% of the internet world can be said to be made of original people. The rest 30% of the people can be cheaters, frauds or Fake people with Fake identities. This is true of nearly all social networking websites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, IMVU, Orkut, etc. Some people make such fake ids for fun while other use it to cheat other people.

So, why are people doing this? Can Facebook become FakeBook? The following are some of the reasons why this happens.

1) For Fun

Do you know any friend who is running a fake account in order to fool his friends or his colleagues? Many teenagers are doing this. Sometimes, these users use the identity of some other person who is not so active on Facebook or doesn’t have a profile at all, they might also generate imaginary information and create a fake account. Though this habit is not doing any harm to others, it is increasing the number of Fake profiles on Facebook.

2) For increasing Business

Internet Marketers do not miss any chance to make use of a popular website to increase their prospects. Just go through the freelancing websites such as Guru, Freelancer, Elance, etc and you can easily find projects posted which are looking for people to build fake Facebook accounts. Most of the times, the businesses are themselves making such projects so as to increase their product’s exposure and make the people believe in the company’s product or service. Well, this is effective as people see many users promoting the product. So, it is obvious that they would feel that the product is popular.

These fake accounts made for such business prospects are adding to fake profiles to the user base of Facebook.

3) Increasing the popularity of Fan Pages

Many more Fake profiles are made to increase the number of Fans of any Fan page or business page. These Fake Profiles add to the popularity of the fan page, while simultaneously increasing the number of Fake profiles in Facebook.

As these Fake accounts keep on rising, you risk being duped by such accounts.

Here are a few simple tips that can help you keep yourself protected from such Fake profiles.

1) Look for the address of the user

People do not take care to fill in each and every detail when they are making out a fake profile. So, most of the fake profiles do not have the address filled in. Look at the address in their info page before you add them as a friend.

2) Profile Picture

The amazing fact about these fake profiles is that nearly all of them use an image to appear like genuine users. But, carefully look at the age in their info and again have a look at the profile picture. This small comparison can give you a lot of info on whether the profile is real or fake.

3) Friends of the person

Whenever you get a friend request from anyone, go and have a look the list of his / her friends. If the person says that he lives in London, Paris, New York, Washington, or other such famous cities and you do not find any of his friends living in that area, you can easily understand that the profile is fake. It is really difficult to not have friends from your own locality.

By keeping in mind these 6 points before you accept the friend request from any person on Facebook, you can be sure that you are safe from the FakeBook users.


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