7 Signs & Symptoms of Facebook Addiction

7 signs & symptoms of Facebook Addiction

Facebook Addict Image

Facebook Addict

Facebook, as a website, has gained huge popularity in quite less time than any other social networking website. People spend whole day sitting in front of their computer logged into their Facebook accounts. So, What is so special about Facebook? Why are people getting this addicted to Facebook?

Some people feel that Facebook is one of the best website which helps them to keep connected with their friends, while others feel that Facebook is a burden which eats into people’s important time. Whatever the case, Facebook is definitely taking over people’s minds.

Facebook has been gaining large number of new users everyday and people are getting addicted to it fast. Its more or less like a drug which makes it impossible for you to concentrate on your work or on your studies until and unless you have checked your status once. People are spending hours like crazy on Facebook and they still do not believe that they have become addicted with Facebook.

Are you one of them? Read the following points and check if you too are addicted to Facebook.

1) Do you constantly put off important work for being online on Facebook? Are you not getting enough time to study as your day is reduced by 12 hours due to Facebook? Do you spend this time checking your friend’s recent photos and their recent posts?

2) If you are out for some work and luckily, you have internet on your phone, you keep checking your updates on Facebook. You are dying to know if anyone updated their profile or if someone wrote some message for you.

3) You prefer to chat with your friend who is sitting next to you on Facebook rather than having a face to face chat with him. If its true for you, you really need some help to get yourself free from the addiction.

4) You have fights and arguments with your family members and close friends because you are not giving enough and valuable time to them while all your Facebook friends are getting your undivided attention.

5) You have more than 200 friends in your Facebook account but you have not met most of them. You may be knowing each and every detail about their personal or professional life, but will not recognize them when they pass by you on the street. And worse still, you are looking to increase the number from 200 to 500.

6) If you cannot access internet due to some reason, you go into a state of depression or helplessness, even though all your friends are ready to and want to spend more and more time with you.

7) You change your Facebook status at least three times per day. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you cannot stop yourself from rushing to the computer and finding out what’s new. And of course, you make sure to check Facebook at least once before you retire to your bed.

If any two of the above mentioned points are correct you need some help to free yourself from this addiction of Facebook, to get to your work and friends.


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