Ethical Hacking : What is it and Why is it done?

Ethical Hacking : What is it ? Why is it done?

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Ethical Hacking

There is illegal hacking and there is Ethical Hacking. Surprised? Most of the people think of hacking as an illegal job. So, when someone sees “Ethical” and“Hacking” together, he is bound to be surprised. However, it is a reality. There are many Ethical Hackers in the world.

Hackers are people who attack the networks and computer systems of a company. Ethical hackers do the same, but they are hired and employed by the company  to do this. Ethical Hackers have the same weapons as the general hackers, but they use it for the benefit of the company and not to trouble people and hach their accounts. They try to find out any loopholes that may be present in the company’s network and systems and notify the company of the same. Now when the company gets aware of the problem, it tries to correct it. So, when a hacker tries to attack the company’s network, he is surprised to see that there are virtually no loopholes. The company stops an intrusion even before it occurs.

Without an Ethical Hacker, a company can never be sure if the security system used by them is strong enough. However good the IT team of the company, they cannot think the way an illegal hacker does. So, in order to thoroughly remove the vulnerabilities from your system, you have to test your system through the eyes of an illegal hacker. Hence, the need for these Ethical Hackers arises.

Many people and many companies have suffered due to illegal hacking and hence, the term Hacking has many negative feelings associated with it. But Ethical Hacking is different. Here, the hacking is taking place with the permission of the victim i.e the company. The company allows the hacker to attack its system. This is also known as “White Hat” Hacking.

Before the ethical hacker can start on his work, he has to enter into a legally binding contract with the company. This contract is sometimes referred to as “get out of jail free card”. This is because this is the only thing that protects the hacker from prosecution. The parameters of hacking are already set and discussed in the “get out of jail free card”. It is only the terms of the agreement which change an illegal activity into a legitimate occupation.


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