Protection From Virus Carrying E-Mail Messages

Protection From Virus Carrying E-Mail Messages

Protection From Virus Carrying Email Messages Image

Protection From Virus Carrying Email Messages

Most people enjoy communicating via email. Regardless of the distance gap between each other, they enjoy sending and receiving email. Email is one of the most efficient and non-invasive forms of communication.

Global communication via email is the easiest and least expensive way to share information between two or more people. Whether for business purposes, or personal messages, email is a convenient way of keeping permanent records.
Sending an email message to oneself is an easy way of saving and keeping track of important information. For instance, before the days of email, a person might have to send documents via courier which is costly and time consuming. Since the advent of email, a scanned document can be sent via cyberspace with all pertinent information available at a glance within a few seconds.
In addition, email will provide more certain proof of receipt than might a phone call message – via phone mail or taken in person during a call. Phone mail or phone call messages are vulnerable to errors, simply due to the human interface factor. For example, a person taking a message might record the wrong date or time, or hear and document vital information incorrectly.
PDF’s are also a way of preserving documents accurately as they can be scanned so that the information on them cannot be altered in any way. Scanned and PDF documents make excellent virtual records. When they are emailed as an attachment, the information on them will hold up in a Court of Law because they cannot be tampered with.
With email, there is never the opportunity to dispute the date and time a message is sent or received. The only time a problem may occur is if the PC one is using has the time set incorrectly. Even in the event that this type of error might occur, there are other points where the information was documented correctly, for instance at the point of the server.
In email’s formative years, many computers were attacked and corrupted due to viruses that were transferred via email. As a result, computer owners adopted the practice of not opening any email messages from senders with whom they were not familiar.
New programs however, like the Google Postini Services platform, prevent dangerous, viral email from reaching an individual’s inbox, thereby greatly reducing the risk of damage to business and personal computer systems.


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