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Good to be back here to write more for you. Well, as by the name of the article we get to know that basically the article is gonna be about the new and wide range of smartphone options available in the market today. Well, that’s perfectly what the article is about.

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Karbonn Smart Tab 1

Karbonn Smart Tab 1

Karbonn Smart Tab 1

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 is a Tablet phone weighing g. The Phone has a Display of 7.0 inches (17.8 cms), Capacitive 5 Point Multi Touch Screen. This model comes with Camera of , 2.0 Mega Pixels Front Camera with , Digital Zoom

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XOLO X900 With The Fastest Processor Today

XOLO X900 With The Fastest Processor Today

Lava International, an Indian mobile phone manufacturer has been all over the news of late. What has brought the brand into the spotlight is their recently unveiled smartphone based on the Intel Atom chipset. The interesting bit is that this is the first smartphone in the world to incorporate a processor from Intel.

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BSNL Penta Tablet PC

BSNL Penta Tablet PC

After the launch of the worlds cheapest tablet PC Akash one of the biggest network provider from India came up with this new budget tablet for students.
While Tablet Akash is ranged below  Rs.2500 and  Rs.3000 (for the commercial version), this new tablet PC from BSNL has been priced at Rs. 3250.
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Akash 2 a.k.a Ubislate 7+ Tablet

Akash 2 a.k.a Ubislate 7+ Tablet

‘Datawind’ recently came in the news for making the worlds cheapest tablet for students along with the Indian Government. This tablet was named as Akash Tablet and was made available for students at the price of $ 35 or Rs. 1750.
While the Akash tablet was made available for the students, Datawind made a commercial version of Akash Tablet which was made available for all.
Now, the company upgraded the Tablet with a few additional features which were missing in the Akash aka Ubislate 7 Tablet.

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Beetel Teletech Launches Android Tablet in India

Beetel Teletech Launches Android Tablet in India

Beetel Android Image

The New Tablet From Beetel

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Image

Hidden Behind Imaginations!

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